Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In which we celebrate the beautiful story called "Us"


 I am so in love with this man of mine! Yesterday was our 2 year wedding anniversary and we enjoyed it to the fullest. It was so sweet how richly God blessed us with unexpected time together yesterday. From riding together to work, to Husband being kicked out of the office due to a private meeting and working at Starbucks instead (so of course E and I had to go distract him for awhile!), to lunching together, to getting off a little early, and to riding home together, it was perfect way to prepare for a special evening together. And honestly, after having probably the worst argument we've ever had the night before (We stink at timing. Worst argument ever the night before your anniversary? urgh.) the time together was very healing and so needed. We are so blessed, us two. God has filled our life with His forgiveness and grace and I am so grateful God pre-ordained before time began the story of "Us".

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