Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers Day

To our Dad's who have taught us that there is excellence and nothing else, 
to remember the moment we're in and enjoy it fully,
and that with some hard work and a vision,
there's nothing we can't do.

While you have watched us grow up, we have watched you as well. 
We have watched your face as you threw us up in the air
and twirled us around,
 we watched your hands as you let go of our bikes,
we listened to your voice as you told us of the wonders and the pain of the cross,
we watched you love our Mom's,
we watched your face fall with disappointment when we chose sin over obedience,
we saw your joy on the day we told you "maybe....." we liked each other,
and we watched your tears on the day God made us one.

Thank you.
Thank you for letting us fall and teaching us how to try again. 
Thank you for believing in us and not letting us settle for what was easier.
Thank you for giving us a name, a home, and teaching us how to make our own.

Happy Father's Day

We Love You,
Josh and Lyss

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