Thursday, June 7, 2012

Little Letters

Dear little friends next door,
I can't seem to leave my house without you telling me your adventures of the day...
 and I love hearing every one.

Dear Husband,
I came home today to find that you had cleaned the kitchen AND the living room AND made the bed AND put in our adjustable shower head (so now I can clean my feet. yay!) AND several other little surprises AND a sweet note! I hope that one day I can love as well as you love. 

Dear Bicycle,
I am so enjoying you! But must you really stain at least one piece of my clothing EVERY time I ride you?  I mean, I have avoided many potholes on your behalf. Could you please make the stain habit a little less?

Dear Cheese Curds at Farmhouse,
I really didn't need another yummy thing to crave every waking moment and yet here you are. 

Dear To Do List,
Well goodness me! You just keep a-growin and growin don'tcha?! 

Dear Les Miserables,
Wow. Everyday I count down the hours till nap time because of you. 

Dear Favored Red Pants That Seem To Fade Every Time I Wear You,

Dear Year '89,
I get teased all the time by associating myself with you. But I still think you're great (: 
who needs to know all those songs and movies anyway?

Dear Weekend,
Thank you for coming, we're so glad you're here! We fully intend to catch up on Zzzzz's and kisses while you're here. Oh and some tiling and birthday'ing too. This will be fun (:


                                                         hope your weekend is grand!

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