Thursday, June 28, 2012

Little Letters

Dear Stanleys,
Your fruits and veggies are oh so good! And cheap! We have so much fun introducing people to you, you make us look so cool.

Dear Dance Floors At Weddings,
Gosh we like you a lot. You really bring out the crazy side in Husband and I like it (:

Dear Husband,
Where did those dance moves come from?! Rockin', man, rockin'

Dear Grant Park,
We had no idea you were so big! And after an hour of walking looking for the movie in the park we were really hoping you weren't any bigger. Give us a hint next time? Ok, thanks.

Dear Cherisse,
Baby girl I cannot wait to hug you and kiss your cute little cheeks!! I plan on holding you the whole entire weekend, except for when your Mama forces me to let you go, just so you know. 

Dear Charity,
EEEEEEEEEEEEE!! I can't believe I'm going to see you this weekend!!

Dear Heat Index,
100+ huh? Bring it on.

Dear Simulcasted Paris Ballet,

Dear Bike,
Was that really necessary? I mean really! Shame.

Dear Airplane I'm Going To Be On Tomorrow,
Please don't be freezing. Thanks so very much.

Dear Husband,
I am going to miss you so badly. What was I thinking....

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