Monday, July 16, 2012

Life Lately

 according to my phone.

Lots and lots of delightful bike rides, no makeup, celebrating little anniversaries, and summertime adventures.

I didn't realize how much I'd been hanging out with littles until I loaded these up, but I guess I have hung out with multiple kids every single day the past week or so (:
The little one right above is a special joy to me. She lives next door to me and I often pop in to say a quick "hello!" to her parents and older sisters and every time she hears me come in she squeals and races (as quick as her little crawl can) across the house until she gets to my feet. Then she sits on my toes and holds up her hands and squeaks/squeals at me until I hug her. Then this sweet little lady smiles her biggest smile at me the whole entire time I hold her. I love it. 
God has filled my life with such delightful little ladies and I have so enjoyed the time I get to spend with each one of them. Who knew a majority of my summertime would be spent with little friends under the age of 10? (:

 Happy Monday!

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