Tuesday, July 31, 2012


on a Saturday morning when sleep won't return to me and Husband
will still sleep for several more hours,
I go adventuring.
And by adventuring I mean getting a vanilla latte from my coffee shop
and walking to my thrift store (:

Although, more often than not Husband will come find me and join me on my adventure.
Such a stud.


P.S. The highlight of my morning was when a homeless guy asked if he could buy my hat.....
                                                  smiled about that one for hours (:


  1. Hi Alyssa! Hey this is Katheryn...remember the girl with the "vintage" cell phone back at Family Camp a few summers ago? I found your comment on Kellie's blog. Just wanted to say hi and guess what...I LOVE THRIFT STORES TOO! :)

    1. Hi Katheryn!!
      I had totally forgotten about the "vintage" cell phone! funny memories (:

  2. And now I want to go adventuring with you! Love the shot of you holding the coffee cup. For some reason I never like the look of my fingernails painted but it looks super cute on you ;)