Friday, August 10, 2012

Birthday Celebrations Part 1

So Husband may or may not have pretended to have forgotten my birthday the past couple weeks and I may or may not have cried a little on Monday because I may or may not have fallen for his little charade....

But boy, was I silly to doubt him.

Because he took such care to fill my birthday with all of the things I enjoy and to show me he loves me.
1st he surprised me at work with flowers and balloons and to ask me if I was ready to go celebrating. With which I reminded him that I had 6 more hours of work....
but no, that husband of mine apparently contacted my boss a month ago getting me off early on my birthday! Once I believed him (10 min later, no joke) we were off to an afternoon full of surprises. Cupcakes, a new smoothie place, thrifting, and all of my favorite things.

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