Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I slept VERY little friday night (3 hours! What the heck body?!)
and so woke up feeling very crummy Saturday morning.
Usually I go out exploring by myself Saturday mornings so Husband can have
some time to study without me asking him something or other every 5 minutes,
but this morning he came along with me on my adventurings
and it was such a delight.

Our little adventures for this weekend included
~Visiting a friend's yard sale and being talked out of buying almost anything
~Grocery shopping 
~Watching Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (well..... I watched. Husband slept)
~Thrifting for a working clock only to find our favorite thrift store had been demolished....
~Biking to church and then through alleys looking for treasure. 
  Josh found nike tennis shoes, I found men's self tanner. We took the shoes and left the tanner.
~Coffee cupping for the first time. VERY cool.
~and discussing how to better love and serve our community with many dear friends over good food.


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