Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It seemed like September would never come and then next thing I 
know October is almost gone!
Everywhere I look trees are almost bare and the color is slowing seeping away as the
cold blows in and settles in our bones.

I've been waiting to pull out my winter coat in denial of the coming frigid cold as 
each morning when I get dressed I find myself reaching for my thickest sweaters.

Oh boy oh boy, I am not ready for months of frigid winds and sunless days.

But I am definitely enjoying how much more delightful coffee is when its cold outside,
the feeling of warmth when I first walk in the door, and how cozy it is sitting
under blankets with husband while he studies. 
Maybe I'll learn to like this whole endless winter thing after all (;

Oh yeah,
Happy Reformation Day!



  1. Love the pictures!! I also loved your city. I miss fall days. Somehow a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate, doesn't really have the same effect when it's 70 degrees.

    A Warm XOXO,

  2. Great job on the pictures. What a lovely post! My favorite is the first one ;)

  3. I agree, Breanne. Though, at first, the tree one was my favorite.