Saturday, December 1, 2012

Well, its official now

As of last week we have lived in our little "transitional" apartment for 1 year,
which means this is the place I've lived the longest since I left my parents home
in spring of '07.

Ironic no?

Ohhhh this little apartment without a proper front door, very little light,
and a wimpy excuse of a kitchen.
(Not to mention the age old grime that no matter how I scrub has decided it is here to stay)
We didn't intend to live here long,
but plans changed and we decided to settle in instead (:

Oh little basement apartment,
you have demanded creativity in order to be livable
made me brave with the many opportunities you gave to kill little pests
and humbled me with the rather poor first impression you give our guests.

You have been fairly perfect for us in this season of life.

You have pushed us out of our traditional view of how a home should
look, feel, and function and challenged us to define for ourselves what "home"
 means for our little family.
You were cool and quiet in the summer when we needed a place to escape 
the pressures of the sun and work,
and you are quite cozy in the winter when the wind blows us in and 
we settle in to work and study.

You are not my favorite, 
I will be happy to leave you for more light filled spaces with proper front doors,
but I am very VERY grateful for you and how God has used you
and your deficiencies to grow us and teach us.

happy one year little basement apartment.


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  1. This was such an encouragement to me today, girl! Thank you for being honest and open. And it helps me to know that other women are fighting the discontentment monster too, I love your perspective on all this. Once again, you've blessed my heart.
    Oh and I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of your place since I can't see it in person yet......I love seeing other peoples homes!
    Miss you woman :)