Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012: A Year In Review

In January I was either sick with the shingles, the flu, or pink eye.
Josh was studying.
We have little to no documentation of January :(

In February it snowed, we put up hearts all over our home, 
and Josh studied and turned 23!

In March we headed down to FL to see family, painted the Corolla,
played with light, Josh studied, and E and I learned how to work the self timer (:


In April we colored eggs with miss E, celebrated Easter, 
spring came to the Blvd, Josh studied, and I accidentally got my hair chopped

In May we went on lots and lots of walks,
captured my favorite photo, began exploring alleyways,
Josh studied, and we celebrated 2 years of being the Burkhardts

In June Josh went on summer break and got a summer job (our favorite to date :))
we found a table and chairs and made our backyard into a wonderland, 
biked everywhere, had lots of funny conversations with the neighbor girls,
had a visit from an old friend, discovered the farmers market,
and ate outside more than we did inside

In July I visited Jacob and Charity and met little miss Cherisse, 
we watched fireworks on 4th of July, celebrated 4 years of us,
 had lots of little adventures and braved the heat of summer

In August we went to our first Cubs games, I turned 23,
we sold the Corolla, bought a jeep, went camping, watched old friends get married,
enjoyed the Ravinia with fashionable littles, went on lots of little adventures with E,
and Josh started studying again

In September we went back to FL to watch some dear friends
get married, got to know some friends better, spent more time with family,
had lots more picnics, Josh studied and I had my first awkward
photographer experience

In October fall came to the city and so did family, 
we went apple and pumpkin picking in the rain,
Jessica came to visit, we explored the city further,
Josh studied and walks home were extra sweet

In November Jon came to visit, we got to see a dear old friend,
we took Jon on a roadtrip to see family for Thanksgiving,
finished our Christmas shopping very last minute,
a little one was added to my nanny family,
Josh studied and the cold wind of winter came

In December April came to visit and we drank lots of coffee 
and took lots and lots of pictures, we started our 12 dates of Christmas,
Josh studied and studied and aced his finals
and we had a very merry Christmas
made perfect with the first snow of the season.

Happy New Year!
 We can't wait to see what 2013 brings (:

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