Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Winter Picnic

For our 10th date of Christmas and to celebrate New Years Eve
we drove a little ways out of the city and had every intention of
of sitting on our blanket and having a bonafide picnic with our bubbly juice, french bread,
cheese, summer sausage, chocolate truffles and caramels.
That lasted ohhhh maybe 2 minutes, before the shivers settled in and we packed everything up
and retreated to the shelter of our cozy jeep.
Where we cuddled underneath our blanket with the back of the Jeep open 
and talked about how sometimes the recovery plan is so much more fun
than the original plan.

What a perfect way to herald out year 2012,
the year of "well, this wasn't exactly what we planned for,
but lets roll with it" (:

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