Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tender Mercies

With gray skies, cancelled plans with friends,
sad news, looming headaches and to do lists
this morning fairly sagged with quiet despair and sad sighs.
So husband took me off to one of my favorite spots and then to thrift for treasures.
Turns out yummy coffee, conversations without anything being said, and wandering 
was just what this sad overdramatic girl needed (:

And we found a clock!

Our last clock slowly ticked its last a good 6 months ago 
(which was actually a good run for a clock we bought at a
 yard sale 2 months before we got married for $1)
but we haven't been able to find a clock that we liked the look and price of.
Turns out we're quite fashionable AND cheap.

Maybe we'll be on time to church from now on (;

And Josh found lots of little treasures in our alley!
A pretty glass jar, little white bowls, hand painted plates, 
and a lovely little blanket for summer.

Oh the little mercies God gives on days when I wonder if he 
still knows and sees the desires of our hearts.
He is so very good to us (:

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
We're holding out hope that these gray skies mean snow is coming
and that those Christmas thank you notes will actually get done.
I mean, dream big right? (;


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