Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The date that wasn't and other ramblings

We intended to go to the Adler Planetarium after I got off from work today,
but we did more of a walk in walk and walk out kind of thing because
some lamo had a headache and needed a nap (ahem, me).

I also didn't realize how rough I looked until Josh took a picture,
apparently winter is wearing on me more than I thought...

Husband started school again yesterday, yay 5th semester!
(5 seemed like way too low of a number. So I had to recount 3 times to make sure
and yes, its only the 5th semester)

We bought a coconut last week and Josh made really yummy
coconut milk, I underestimate that man's abilities in the kitchen

When I got on the "L" this morning I was surprised to find
a friend I hadn't seen in awhile and it was such a pleasant surprise to chat 
and catch up the whole way, 
much more fun than dodging coffee breaths and avoiding eye contact (:

I wrapped our celery in tin foil and its still fresh a week later,
my world is changed.
If only our broccoli faired as well.

I really want some Valentines candy but I'm unwilling to cave to the Valentines craze
before February, there is quite the warring within me. 

And those are the rambling of a young student wife with a headache,
who should definitely fix her hair before her husband takes a picture of her.

Happy Tuesday!

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