Tuesday, April 2, 2013

summer wardrobe

I'm pulling out my spring and summer clothes today
and I'm silly excited about it.
I've been summer dressing up in my daydreams since February (:
I've noticed my style change a bit since moving to the city
and I've noticed some distinct tendencies in summer dressing;

All my summer things are two sizes too big.
I don't like anything close to my body in the summer.
I'm outside a lot between biking everywhere and nannying
and anything that sticks to my body quickly becomes very uncomfortable.

I don't need many summer clothes.
I tend to have a few favorites and wear only those.
These favorites are easy to wash, fit well, and are fairly sturdy.
I sadly ruined more than one skirt last year from biking :(

Midi skirts and dresses are the best.
Long enough to cover my bum while biking and playing hop scotch 
but not long enough to get caught in my bike chain.

These are a fairly new thing for me.
I started wearing them a bit last year and found they made me feel
 ladylike after a day of running around and acquiring a lot of grime
from said running around. I have a leather pair of wedges 
that I've been breaking in and I think I'll get a lot of 
wear out of them this summer.

Carry a cardigan.
I ALWAYS have a cardigan tucked in my bag during the summer.
We often go to a concert or a movie in the park or out with friends
after work and cardigan dresses up even the plainest outfit
and protects from the evening chill.
I also often go to Moody during the summer
and I don't want to offend anyone with my bare shoulders (:

So ready for summer!!


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