Monday, May 13, 2013


~ We "live in nannied" for a week
which meant living dowtown and a 80 degree trip to the beach
and lots and lots of trips to the park (:
~ (not pictured) We bought a memory foam
mattress topper as an early anniversary gift.....
oh yes, be jealous, be verrry jealous (;
Its incredible.
~Look! There's greenery outside our window!
~Its begun to look like a conservatory around here
~We bought an instax too!
~We're making our own laundry detergent now
and the recipe calls for the biggest bar of soap
you ever did see.
Or something like that (;
~ She's alllllmost better 
~He's alllllmost done with the school semester

I need to blog more often.



  1. I just love your attention to detail in your photography. You're just good at capturing all the little beauties :) And we love our memory foam topper too!

  2. You're too kind! Thank you.
    Isn't the memory foam great?! There was one on the bed we slept on we when live in nannied and that fueled our desire (: