Friday, July 26, 2013

Tender Mercies pt 1

There has been so much that has happened this past little while
that has humbled me with an overwhelming knowledge
of what awesome things God can do and how easily I can miss these things.
I have felt an urgency to write them on my heart,
to remember and reminisce on them,
and to take to time to fully realize them.

I'll start with some silly little ones (:

I've wanted/needed some new jeans and had in mind the 
the jeans I wanted, but they are very very expensive.
I had a gift card for the store, but even with the gift card
I was uncomfortable with the thought of spending that much
on some jeans. A week ago Josh had a big long meeting
so I went meandering downtown and stopped into the store 
because they were having a huge sale.
All the while thinking "this is really stupid, I don't really need anything 
and it is not wise to be looking at expensive things I don't need" 
while I walked in the store (:
As I looked at this and that I saw the jeans I had been eyeing for a year 
or so and saw that they were on sale, so I checked the price.
They were 50% off, but still not quite the price I was comfortable with.
Then I saw the "extra 40% off sale items" sign,
and started doing the math.
50% off + 40% + 15% off student discount
(really enjoy that student discount :))
+ gift card

I ended up paying $11 for two pairs of jeans that
are usually much MUCH more than that.

I was so humbled that God saw and knew my want/need 
and answered it in such an awe inspiring way.

But there's more (:
You see those sandals up there?
The really cute ones?
I've also been eyeing those for a looooong time
but again was uncomfortable with investing THAT much
into a shoe/sandal.
They were not on sale and are all sold out in most stores/online.
I checked with my local store and they said they had one pair
left in my size, but they were not on sale.
So I submitted that these were just not meant to be mine.
Until two days later when Josh was asking me about it again,
and I decided I would call headquarters just to make sure they really weren't on sale.....
and they were! 
But they hadn't been on sale, it was only that day that the sale had started.
So we ran over to the store and they STILL had that one last
pair waiting there just for me!
Again, sale + 40% off + 15% off = Yay for new sandals!

Such silly little things but they really
bless me and bring such beauty and awareness of God's providence
 to my daily tasks.


p.s. I really need to work on that tan line :P
anyone want to go to the beach??

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  1. God continues to amaze me at how he provides just the right thing at just the right time. Also that He gives us things that delight our heart, not because we "need" them, but because He loves us.

    By the way, I got the gift of "delight" this morning from your photo. Your creative artistic eye really caught the new shoes in a special way, with the skirt and the tile. FWIW, I think the tan line really adds to the photo!

    Luv you,