Monday, August 19, 2013

Hope your weekend was grand!
Josh was working nights this weekend 
(covering for a friend)
so ours was spent mostly sleeping.
We also stopped by our local record store
and didn't recognize but maybe 7 artists....
we felt very very young.
Then Josh bought two whole boxes filled with old records at a yard sale 
for only $15! We only know 5 of the artists but
we have dreams of winter evenings listening
to records refining our musical taste (:
I felt like the weekend started early when I took my littles
to the beach on Friday, such a beautiful fun day!
My eldest little starts school this week so our fall will officially begin
and Josh starts school next week so this is the last week of summer for us.
We have grand plans for drive in movies, beach picnics,
italian ices, and camping on the weekend.
Going out with a bang (:


P.S. We decided to walk/scooter to Karate today
and this one sang "Old McDonald" at the top of his 
lungs the whole way.
Loved it (:

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