Thursday, August 8, 2013


late Monday afternoon encompassed all that
Mondays represent in a compact few hours....
and then that Mondayness invited itself to stay into Tuesday...
and Wednesday....
but today it can suck it up and go back home,
because I want my week back.
Tomorrow's my birthday, did you know?
Anyway, I've been fighting this dark sadness all week
and last night as I was pouring out words
that generally communicated that I was
struggling with the aspects of me that are not there
that I thought would be at this age,
Josh took my hands and gave me his gentle loving look,
then told me that I was wrong.
"Who is all that they want to be at 24?" he said
"I think you should examine whether or not you
are on YOUR WAY to becoming the woman you want to be,
instead of comparing whether or not you are the woman 
you want to be right now"

And he's right.
He's SO right.

So I'm going to celebrate who God has made me
and who I am right now.
On a journey to becoming the woman I desire to be.

And I'm taking my week back from the 
dark sadness/dairy reaction monster/over ambitious monday.

Happy Thursday!


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