Friday, August 2, 2013

Summer Evenings

We've loved meandering downtown in the evenings lately.
One of the top things on our summer wish list 
was to explore downtown and to give the beach another chance.
Before this summer we had attempted to go to the beach twice,
and both times we had given up after an hour or so of looking for parking
only to not be able to find a open spot of sand to sit
on for all the people.
Quite the contrast from the wide open beaches of FL!
Anyway, we've really come to enjoy the excellent people watching
and beautiful view of the city/water from the beach,
so I'm really glad we gave it a second chance (:

And there's nothing quite like wandering downtown on a summer evening.
Everyone is dressed to the nines but trying their best to appear cool and nonchalant.
Business men, tourists (lots and LOTS of tourist :)), 
couples with the guy always pushing his lady to walk a little faster,
groups of ladies in high heels that you can hear giggling a block away,
and groups of guys ribbing each other and standing as tall as they possibly can.
The air is always a little cooler with wafts of steak or fragrant perfume
and the pressing sun beams of the day gives way to a light that is soft and inspiring.
As if to say "let's go and do! explore this alley and that! the night is yours to enjoy!"
And we do.
We wander here and there, sometimes silent, sometimes talking about dreams
or working out what we should do about this/that, 
always holding hands,
always together through the mass chaos of the city.

Oh summer, please don't end too soon.


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