Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Weekend (on a Tuesday :))

We went festivaling, yard saleing, birthday partying,
puppet showing, swimming, and exploring.
Just not camping like we planned...
oh well (:

There were so many beautiful surprises this weekend,
the impromptu dance party at the music festival,
the puppet show we took the boys to, treasures at yard sales
(vintage cameras and vases and excellent records!) 
special deals for a chiropractor (yippee!)
a heatwave chasing away the winds of fall,
an unplanned trip to the pool,
and a blueberry muffin from a vegan bakery.
It definitely made up for canceled plans due to some 
sad unforeseen things.

The weekend was so full and so much fun,
it was the perfect way to officially end our summer.
and that blueberry muffin was reeeally good (;

So happy Tuesday!
We're having a MAJOR heatwave over here,
all the fans are out and clothing is minimal.
Popsicles and pool days galore! 


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