Saturday, October 12, 2013

Catching Up

 Our days have been so lovely and full.
Full of working hard, enjoying those around us,
and exploring this and that in our beloved city.
We are so richly blessed (:
A friend and I went exploring in the culture centre 
last week and as we were wondering around
we tried to open a door to find it locked.
As we went to walk away some men
working came up and asked if we would like in
"its the best view in the whole city"
they said as they let us in
and asked us to just close the door when we were done.
And oh it was just beautiful!
You could see all of millennium park with a 
backdrop of the sparkling lake.
We tried to take pictures,
but none of them did the view any justice (:

Sometimes when I catch an exceptionally 
beautiful moment or when I look up at the skyline
and cannot believe we get to live here
and enjoy this everyday with my best friend.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
We're off apple and pumpkin picking
and all sorts of other fun plans (:


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