Friday, November 15, 2013

The end of fall beginning of winter is in full swing around here
& you can see the signs of it everywhere.
From the coat rack that was full of summer flowers & straw hats
only a few weeks ago that is now full of winter coats & scarves,
to holey socks being mended or replaced,
(we go through A LOT of socks around here :))
to light blazers that are now under our heavy wool coats
& how the home smells of cinnamon & vanilla.
I didn't get any pictures of it, because the sun set before I got home,
but we did get our first snow on Monday & it was just beautiful
& a bit frightening.
It didn't snow much but it surprised us with its frigid force
& it was a bit a startling reminder of where we live & what that entails.
We've so enjoyed preparing for this season
 & the joys it will bring as the cold blows in.
Holidays are just around the corner
& I'm getting so excited planning and preparing for them.
I've already made lists & lists of things to do & make & enjoy,
eeek! I so enjoy this season!


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