Thursday, March 20, 2014

Dear Little One// 13 Weeks

(you're in Ireland little one!)

Dear Little One,
Well it turns out lots and LOTS and babies will be coming
about the same time you do.
Every time we check Facebook there's a new
announcement for "a special new arrival in September" 
so you're going to have lots of playmates near and far (:

You've been such a trooper on this trip,
I am so proud of you!
We had a scary bit on the plane ride over to Ireland
but we're pretty sure that was due to me not drinking
enough water, so I'm really sorry about that little one.
It was quite a long flight for you and I
and I'm glad we made it joyfully through (:
Ireland is just beautiful
and I'm so happy we get to share this special adventure
with you. My 'wee' irish baby (:

I love you so very much Little One.


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