Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I don't take many pictures of the snow.
I rather like my camera and taking it out in sub zero degree
 temperatures just seems kind of mean. But this morning as I was off to get donuts 
(our local coffee shop carries vegan donuts now!)
I figured since it wasn't that cold and this may be
the last snow of the season I should bring the camera along and document it.
 It is so beautiful.
Even with the ice underneath that makes every step rather treacherous,
even when I've seen it every. single. day. for the past few months,
and even when I have a hard time remembering when my fingers weren't frozen,
it still doesn't lessen the beauty of snow coated trees and buildings in any way.
I love living here.
I do.
Husband and I have the morning off and so we're declaring it 
a 1/2 snow day. Bring on the tea, donuts, and cuddles
while we watch another episode of x-files (Josh's choice :))
and enjoy the glory of snowfall from the warmth of our cozy home.

Happy Wednesday!

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