Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dear Little One // week 28

My Dearest Little One,
The morning is early and everyone is asleep,
but you were eager for us to wake and be up and so we are,
up and baking breakfast cake while watching the sun grow brighter and brighter outside.
I'm writing this letter a bit late,
seeing as how you turn 29 weeks tomorrow :P
but we had quite the full week!
We stayed with the Nyquists again
 (Ethan loved to comment on your growth each morning :))
and you met the Kizzee's!
We wandered the city with them and they thought you were the cutest thing.
You have a lot of people who think quite a lot of you already,
you are one blessed little fella.

you seem to be quite the jazz fan.
We've gone to several jazz concerts lately and I feel you 
moving in such a gentle rhythmic manner while we're there.
You seem to especially like the trumpet,
which will make your Grandpa very happy (;

You and I are doing so much better this week.
I started drinking loads and loads of water and we finally kicked that stupid cold's butt
(no, you may not say stupid. that's a grown up word. maybe when you're 7)

We've had such fun little adventures this week from playing at millennium park
with the boys to bumpy bus rides (you LOVE the bus) to girls night fun.

I so enjoy always having you with me my little one.

Can't wait to have more adventures with you (:


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