Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dear Little One // 38 weeks

My Dear Sweet Little One,


You have filled these past few days with such joy and wonder,
we cannot stop marveling at you and kissing you all over (:

We had a scare last night and the whole 6 hours we were
at the ER wondering if I was going to be ok,
(and I am)
you were just wonder baby.
So content and quiet in the midst of the chaos of the ER and Dr's and questions,
as you have been since the moment you came.
So content and joyful.
Today as we celebrate what would have been 38 weeks,
and what is 4 days of you, we are extra grateful that we are
all healthy and well and so very very happy.
You have blown up every day dream we ever had about you
and given us something so much more marvelous and beautiful.
You are absolutely incredible, my little one,
and I am just in wonder that you are here.

I love you sweet boy,


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