Friday, November 14, 2014

Crazy Days

We are in the middle of some craaaaazy days over here.
I wrote almost a whole post of telling you exactly why
these days are so hectic but after I typed
it all out it felt off, even wrong somehow.
Maybe because it hinted strongly of complaint and that's really
not where I'm at or what I wanted to communicate.
Or maybe just because it made for a VERY long post (;

Just know that our days are cold, our fridge is warm,
and husband is lost in the 
"ohmygoodness all the huge school projects are due RIGHT NOW"
 land and that should give you some understanding of where we are (:

But snuggles and Jedidiah smiles are abundant 
so I think we'll make it to Thanksgiving break just fine.

Until then we'll just keep humming "manic monday"......


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