Friday, November 7, 2014

Jedidiah // 2 months

 Our days pass in a blur of chilly walks,
coffee runs, naptimes, and attempts to do household chores.
We're finding our rhythm and it is very sweet.
Everyday Jedidiah chats and smiles more and it thrills my heart everytime
his eyes light up and his cheeks scrunch up and that amazing smile emerges.

So far the lace curtains and his celebration bunting get the most smiles :P

But today as we were thrifting he looked at me and grinned and chatted
for a good 10 minutes. So we stood there right in the middle of 
the thrift store, me looking like a silly in love fool,
nodding and giggling while Jedidiah chatted away.
These are moments that bring such joy to my days and that I'm
sure I'll cherish for all of my days.
These unexpected gifts of pure joy and love,
looking at my son (my son!!) and realizing that this dream of a 
moment is really truly happening,
and happening in such a sweet way that I never could have thought of to ask for.
These along with the moments pictured above where Josh is holding Jedidiah
(and the soothie in place, very important ;)) while studying.
Everytime I look over and see them together 
I cannot believe this is my life.
And I remember.
I remember the times of tears.
The father's day where we wept with desire for the children that weren't here
and the pain of wondering if they would ever come.
The mornings of walking, whispering the yearning of my heart to
my heavenly Father and submitting them to His will 
again. and again. and again.
The times of hope.
The most painful of them all.
The hope of maybe...
Only to culminate in silence.

And with that tears come to my eyes yet again.
Oh this sweet child.
This child of blessing who surprised us in his coming.
Who grunts and grumbles and toots louder than I knew a baby could.

Jedidiah David.
A blessing name.

You are so so wanted and loved.

As we learn you and fall in love with you, and 
not just the idea and hope of you,
you grow ever more precious and delightful to us.

Happy 2 months sweet boy (:



  1. And I just cried my eyes out! You have a great blog Alyssa!

  2. I'm crying too hard to type much. You have such a beautiful way with words, and a camera lens. Also, the thought that the baby that chatted to me is now listening to her own child brings a joy to my heart.