Monday, April 30, 2012

Little Letters

Dear Husband,
Thank you for staying in bed and cuddling with me long after our alarm clock had told us it was time to wake up. It was wonderful lying close to you listening to the rain fall outside our window. 
Thank you for putting of important studying to cuddle with me (:

Dear Weekend,
I miss you. Can't wait till you come again!

Dear Coffee,
Thank you.

Dear Fashion,
Whats with the sheer? I'm not sure you and I going to be tight this year. I prefer my undies to be kept private. 

Dear Rain,
You were so lovely today, I quite like you
Dear E, 

Dear Hunters,
Thank you for keeping my feet so dry and warm AND looking so good! You rock my socks (;

Dear Internet,
Why are you being so glitchy? I mean really, what have I ever done to you?! Drama, Drama, Drama.

and Dear Husband,
Want to share some hot cocoa with me? And maybe watch Castle too? 


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