Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello Weekend!

So excited for this weekend! Husband just told me we're going on a mini road trip outside of the city. Just us and the open road! I loooove road trips. I'm dreaming of love songs and a picnic and pretty picture taking. Definitely some kisses (:
Oh I'm so excited! Its going to be VERY mini as in only a couple hours but I'll take what I can get with this wonderful man of mine. Its been a bit of a rough season for us. Lots of work, family stuff, lots and lots of school and not a lot of us time. Its been good, I've learned love and appreciate husband in new ways and to trust my God who loves me more than I will ever know. It has been humbling and strengthening and I have seen tremendous growth in me and in us, but it has been hard. I have found myself looking forward to the restful season of summer more and more. Picnics, concerts in the park, cool evenings on the porch, popsicles, whispered secrets under the stars, weddings, and lots and lots of sunny days. I can't wait! But for now, a mini road trip will be a delightful reminder of whats to come and a great time to teach husband some more love songs (;

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