Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Abstaining from Complaining

 That whole little road trip thing didn't happen because I was in bed sick with strep instead. Not a fair trade off in my book. But husband is a marvelous lover and took me next friday instead and it was perfectly lovely! Sunny, long talks, a nap in the a field.... So wonderful! Until I started feeling really sick and my eye started turning a gruesome shade of dark red and swelling. Urgh. So we come home to look at the eye again and find oozing gunk. OOZING gunk! Urgh, Urgh, URGH! So the next morning we hunt around for a Dr. that will see new patients and ended up at a PCC clinic (they were great! DEFINITELY going there next weekend when I inevitably get sick with ANOTHER strange disease) to find out that I had an eye infection. A VERY contagious eye infection and I was going to be contagious with this VERY contagious eye infection for 2 days.
However, it turned out to be one of the sweetest weekends yet! Lots of cuddling, a little monty python, a little waffle at a diner, LOTS of cleaning and organizing done, AND husband surprised me with a KEYBOARD! A keeeeeyboarrrrrrd! He said he missed hearing me playing and we've already waited way too long. I adore him.
So.... all that to say. I kept quiet a lot this week because I had nothing nice to say only to look back and realize I was either sleeping or cuddling with my marvelous husband. And it was wonderful.


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