Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Letters

Dear Sunshine,
Oh blessed sunshine! how I have missed thee...

Dear Husband,
Thank you for the lovely walk last night. I love going on evening walks with you (:

Dear Bike,
Thank you for keeping me safe and getting me to work in such a timely manner. I like you a lot

Dear New Wave,
Your vanilla latte's are AMAZING. I am now your biggest fan!

Dear All White Sheets,
You make our bed look so crisp and clean and extra delightful to jump into at night.

Dear Schaffy,
I am so excited to see you today!

Dear Front Door,
must you be so thin?

Dear Spotify,
You complete me.

Dear Body,
Thank you for not getting sick the past couple weeks! I promise to keep exercising and doing yoga and I will try to eat healthier from here on out. 

Dear Beautiful Summer Weather,
Keep it coming!

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