Thursday, July 19, 2012

Birthday Wish List.....

In a couple weeks I won't be 22 anymore,

I will be the brand new, chic age of 23.

every year someone will ask me what I want for my birthday
and I can't think of anything.

but the thing is there is usually is something I've been dreaming of
and I just can't remember it in that specific moment.
(or I feel silly and childish about it and don't want to share)

so when today I remembered my birthday is coming up,

I started dreaming up a very silly little
Wish List

a nutella mocha from Ipsento

some Sprinkles cupcakes

for Husband to go thrifting with me (:

this lovely dress
(this is where I feel silly, this dress is WAY too expensive for my goodwill closet :))

and this cute print!

But all I really really want is to to hear from loved ones and cuddle with Husband all day. 
and maybe a cupcake (:

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