Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It has been crazy hot around here lately! 
Most of us spend our days inside hiding from the rays of heat and trying to find ways to out smart our way too warm bodies. I am so grateful for our little air conditioning unit! That little thing has done wonders this summer. Our little abode is always fairly cool and welcoming and that is such a blessing to come home to.The seasons here always do a number on me. In the long, long winter I have a hard time remembering what its like to be truly warm and in the summer I can't remember ever being cold! But we're so enjoying the relaxed pace and fun things that come along with the summer sun and heat. Movies in the park, evenings spent dreaming outside, and lots of music and arts festivals. We're in no hurry for summer schedule to end.... although I have found myself day dreaming of the crisp smell of fall and pumpkin picking lately (;

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