Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Pursuit Of Simplicity and The Beauty Found Therein

At the beginning of each year Husband and I talk a little bit about our vision for the next year and this year the heart beat that Husband heard me continually expressing was the desire for simplicity in our home.
We found that each thing we have in our home is an investment of our time and limited space. And that many of the "things" we were investing in were not worth the investment.

Our last apartment was rather spacious (and light filled. I really miss all those beautiful windows!) and so we expanded to that space.
(There is seriously so much great either free or ridiculously cheap stuff in Chicago!)
However, when we decided to move to a smaller space for varying reasons I was overwhelmed and honestly embarrassed by much we had I had. I was shamed to look at how much stuff I had and that I knew I probably didn't use half of it on a regular basis. Then God began to delve in my heart as to WHY I felt the need to accumulate so much. And my sins of distrust of God's providence, discontent with my physical image, and laziness in being a good steward, were graciously revealed.

Since then I have been slowly and joyfully each month setting aside time to sort through and either sell or get rid of the unneeded. And it has been truly been such a joy! Almost similar to weights being lifted off as each thing I was keeping "in case I might need it one day" or an article of clothing I had "so that I would look like that one girl" has left Husband's and I's home.

I know I have caused Husband to panic a time or two and I have heard him say "are you SURE you want to get rid of that?" more than once (:
but he has been so gracious in this beautiful season of growing in contentment and simplicity that God is bringing me through.

My heart rejoices in the salvation of Christ and that I do not need that I do not need to prove anything to please His heart! This is just one of the many ways God is revealing that in the way I live I do not believe this truth and choose to put on another identity than the one God has given me through Christ.

I'm going through our books next, so if you're coming through Chi-town and want some books feel free to stop by (;


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  1. Thanks for sharing and being honest. We've all been there and this post was a challenge to me!
    And about those books.....yea, I wish I could come pick a few out for myself ;)