Friday, August 17, 2012

I think we've found a sport we like

 A friend from back in FL contacted us saying he was in town and what did we think about going to a Cubs game with him?

There was no need to ask (:

It was so fun!! This was our first baseball game (It's true, I know, we're lame) and we thought it was AMAZING.
The fan spirit, the ooooOOOOOHhhhhooooo each time our team was maybe going to score, and the hot dogs.

So good.

Although we left at 7th inning after we scored our first point (we were under by 14)
we enjoyed every minute.

It was so good to see someone from FL as well. To hear about friends and family and whats going on in the lives of people we care for.
We are so blessed that near and far we are surrounded dear friends.



  1. We like going to baseball games too! Jonathan loves the Reds :) We should all go together sometime!