Monday, August 13, 2012

Little Letters

Dear Rain,
You are so lovely. I only wish I would be more appropriately dressed when you come....

Dear Weather App,
Um partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain? It rained ALL day.
You're fired.

Dear Secrets,
You are so much fun.

Dear Sewing Machine,
Yay! You're back! I have a pretty little pile of things for us to refashion. So excited.

Dear Sears,
Thank you for fixing my dear sewing machine and not being angry with me when I took awhile to come pick it up. Sorry about that.

Dear Red Shoes,
I like you a lot, but apparently you don't like 5+ mile walks. And now I can't wear shoes with backs for awhile....

Dear Husband,
This new tradition of reading out loud before we go to bed? love.

Dear Bed,
You. Are. Wonderful.
I think I'll come enjoy your sweet softness right now.....


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