Monday, September 10, 2012

Summer Memories... (WARNING long post)

As we were picnicking at our spot yesterday Husband turns to me and says
"well, fall has definitely rolled in"
and goodness has it ever!
Almost cold mornings and evenings and a constant cool breeze, air conditioning unit gone (yay!!) 
blazers pulled out, and pumpkin spice candle burning.

Fall came quite suddenly this year.
Thursday was scorching hot and I was wondering if I would ever NOT sweat through everything I own again, then Saturday rolled around all cool and the wafting breeze smelling of fall. 
Voila! It's fall (:

As I was updating our photo wall I was getting all nostalgic about this summer.
Sometimes I think we're so boring and don't do anything and yet when I look back over our pictures
there is an overwhelming sense of love and joy.

Some of our favorite memories are: 

the light streaming through our alley each time we came home

 Teaching this one how to ride her bike
(she zooms everywhere now!)

Little gifts from little friends

our many, MANY trips to the zoo

Taco Tuesdays

 friend's weddings

Quiet moments at our spot

walks with E

giggles and high fives with this one

little anniversaries and celebrations

 dates with E
(don't worry, we only walked with her in the back)

Sunday evenings with friends

the boulevard

 our many little road trips 

meeting this precious girl

beginning to see our world as though through a camera lens

these shoes and the many miles we've walked (over 300!)

our little camping trips

our first cubs game

getting our jeepster

swimming in our local pool, many little picnics at the lake,
and sun kissed cheeks.

This has been such a precious season.
I'm excited to see what God brings with this next season!


P.S. Told ya it was long (:

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