Sunday, November 4, 2012


E- "Miss Lyssa, where is Dracula from?
Me- "Ummmm... Sesame Street maybe?"
E-"No. He's from Pennsylvania"
Me-"Oh... He is??"

Pennsylvania?!? Really? Is this true?
And I know Sesame street isn't correct but when she asked me that's the
 only thing that came to mind....
(And there is a Dracula on Sesame Street thank you very much JOSH)

yeah, I'm totally prepared to be a mom.

Just answer Sesame Street to anything I don't know the answer to :P

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  1. ROFLOL!! That is hysterical!! Yes Josh, there is a dracula on Sesame Street. His name is "The Count," "Ahh Ahh Ahh." The last part is the sound he makes after he has counted something correctly.

    Dear Alyssa, you need to be patient with poor husband. When he was growing up, he was being handed clumps of clay to form into beautiful works of art, so he probably didn't watch much Sesame Street. You, however, were being handed a pop-tart, and told to watch Sesame Street while Momma (fill in the blank with talked on phone, showered, fed a baby, administered a breathing treatment, or organized the possessions of 7 people in preparation for the NEXT move.)

    luv you both!!