Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

The past while has been so cold, dark, and rainy!

While I'm grateful for quiet mornings and a cozy home
I'm already missing summer days and skin (:

As we both sit inside nursing aching heads I find my mind flitting here and there.
From feeling nostalgic about the "first" days of us, to excitement with how much
is coming so very soon, to thinking I reeeally should finish my mending pile,
and usually landing on feeling of gratitude for these days where we are both here,
together, doing our own little things.
As interesting as this season of being a student is, I'm so grateful that every now and again
our schedule ends up with both of us at home working.
I cherish these sweet times and know that I will look back on this season with
amusement and fondness.

I sure do love our little life.

Hope your week has a bit more sun and less rain than ours!


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