Thursday, December 27, 2012


Christmast morning at our house was very quiet this year.
We woke late and opened presents from each other
(surprise! Neither of us listened when we said we wouldn't get each other gifts)
and I opened gifts from my secret santa (thanks April ;))
and then as we were getting breakfast ready and bemoaning the fact
that we didn't have any snow I looked out our little kitchen window
and lo and behold it was snowing!

Such a sweet mercy from our knowing and caring God.

We felt so humbled and loved that God gave us such a sweet and fun gift on such a day.
We even checked the weather radar and snow was not called for that day
and the radar was clear, it was definitely NOT supposed to be snowing.
But it was (:

So we went and played in it and skyped family to share the Christmas spirit.

And the Christmas packages from our loved ones came in today,
so our Christmas fun was prolonged a couple days (:

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