Thursday, December 27, 2012

7th & 8th Date of Christmas

For our 7th date of Christmas we went to a candlelight Christmas eve service
and then got some sushi at our special place.
Where I managed to drop a piece of sushi into my fancy plate
of soy sauce and made our waitress laugh,
from across the room.
This was probably my favorite date, but sadly I don't have any pictures to document this.
Which is very sad because Husband looked especially fine that evening 
in his fancy red tie.

Oh well....

For our 8th date of Christmas we went to Wormhole
(have you heard of it? apparently its quite famous)
and enjoyed sitting, sipping our little vanilla latte
and people watching.

There is a dusting of snow everywhere and its making
everyone a little more cheerful and friendly,
which makes for lovely people watching.

Also, I'm not sure if its the holidays or the gray days but I'm
seeing Christmas colors everywhere and on everything 
and I like it (:


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