Friday, December 28, 2012

For this holiday we decided the game plan 
was to rest and have fun
and we have done just that.

We have cuddled and napped so much,
seriously, I don't think we've gotten this much sleep since we were teenagers (;

It has been so good.

We were quite worn at the end of this semester,
and I feel kind of silly admitting that because there wasn't anything overly hard
in our lives. But the cares and responsibilities of life wore on us and 
we were very tired.
These past couple days of hibernating inside only to go outside when absolutely necessary,
(e.g. to have a snowball fight) have been so good for us in every sense.

I highly recommend a couple days of naps, sea salt caramels and popcorn, and old movies
with your favorite person to anyone ailing (:


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