Friday, December 28, 2012

If you're not April feel free to skip this (:

Dear April,
I miss you. A lot. Like the sappy "as I look through these pictures I'm crying" kind of missing you.
And I know about this point you're thinking "geez, Lyssa needs to get some friends". I HAVE a lot of  friends thank you very much, but they DON'T replace you and so I miss you. I know our opinions differ on more than one thing. But as much as we differ and as much as we don't understand each other there is an even deeper understanding and knowing of each other that is so precious to me. 
 I'm sorry I'm not there.
 I'm so sorry I am missing so much by being 955 miles away. I'm sorry that as soon as we started to become close and began the joyful part of being sisters I upped and got married and moved across the country. I'm sorry I missed you learning how to drive and put on makeup and I'm sorry for what I will inevitably miss in the future. I know I was a bossy brat most of the time growing up (and still am at times :)) and I'm sorry for how that came out towards you. I'm sorry I never seem to have the courage or elegance of speech to say all this in person.
I miss you and I wish I was able to be more present in this whole "growing up" thing. Please please know that I love you with all I know how and I adore you.  

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  1. So mama and miss Cheryl came over this mornin and they asked if I had seen the post on your blog yet... So I got on and started reading... Oh my word Alyssa. Oh. My. Gosh. I love you so SO much and there are so many times in my day where little pretty things remind me of you and I wish I could be with you. I wish I could be you and Josh for days and weeks on end. I love y'all SOOOOOOO much and cannot wait to see you again!!!!!