Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Weekend & 5th Date of Christmas

It was such quiet rainy weekend.
Filled with finishing school papers and Christmas gifts.

For our 5th date of Christmas we went and saw some little friends dance
in the Nutcracker.
(It was Husband's first time to see it!)
I think I awwwed and wistfully smiled the whole time,
little girls in tutu's are just too much!
Especially when its our own little friends who we have watched
practice, practice, practice 
and then perform beautifully.

It was perfect (:


Our hearts were (and are) heavy for the families of Newton, CT.
We sat in shock as we tearfully watched the news feed friday afternoon.
Much has been said and we have nothing to add except that
our hearts and prayers go out for those poor families, the town,
and the man who committed this heinous thing.
We pray salvation is found within the pain.

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