Saturday, January 26, 2013

We're still alive over here

January's almost done! Yay!
We are alllllllmost there and think we just might make it.
Just as long as we wear our wool socks, drink lots of coffee and hot chocolate,
and make believe trips to Jamaica (:
I'm sorry we've been so quiet, I've had this weird headache all week
and husband has been busy, busy, busy with school and stuff.

Highlights of the week were:
~Snow! We've had such pitifully little snow this year
~Having a dinner of unlimited pancakes at IHOP
~Watching Downtown Abbey
~An afternoon of daydreaming together about building
a cabin in the woods with a cozy bed and big bath tub.
~Discovering the TV show "What Would You Do"
~Little unexpected moments together.
Like when I got off of work right as Josh had a break between jobs
and we were able to have an hour and half together before he had to go back.
So good.
~Being able to start the Jeep from inside the house now.
Yippee!! Yay for fancy gadgets bought with Christmas money!
~The satisfaction found in working hard

Hope you had a great week and have a great weekend!


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