Saturday, February 2, 2013

A good bye to January, I promise I'm still blogging, and a chubby baby

January was such a weird month for us.
January will go down as the month we realized I am probably allergic to dairy.
I know I know, cue the "whaaaat?
I have been in almost daily pain for several years now,
varying from a dull aching to mind numbing pain depending on the day.
We were sharing a little bit of this with some friends of ours who in response
asked if we had ever considered it being a reaction to dairy, 
because you know dairy can cause inflammation right?
And inflammation from dairy could present itself like arthritis right?

Um, yeah no, never EVER considered that.

And yet through a series of experiments and an elimination diet we have
found out that I am indeed allergic to something in dairy products.

So January has been full of changes in diet, lots of studying, lots of headaches from said diet changes and general Januaryness, lots of frozen mornings, wondering if our toes will be ever be warm again, lots of working and cute slobbering babies.

cutest thing ever right?
And he LOVES to give hugs and kisses (:

27 lbs of pure cuteness and slobber.
I love my job.

So long January,
we're grateful for the lessons and laughs you brought.

Hello Febuary!
Bring on the hearts overload (;


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