Saturday, February 9, 2013

Turns out I'm not as brave as I thought

(photo by April)

Its been quiet here.
 Our lives have been this quiet, almost melancholy flow of late. Not really sad, please don't misunderstand, but an almost joyful, quiet, melancholy. Which I am so very hesitant to write about and share. I'm not quite sure how to share. 
I much prefer to just be quiet and retreat to the quiet understanding of my home. 
The winter months are hard for me and for us.
 I somehow feel winter come in and feel it deeply. The cold winds seem to come into my very being 
and I'm never quite warmed through until the sun shines warmly again. 
The gray seems to settle as a fog into my mind causing all thoughts to be slow and muddled.
Somehow the slush covering the ground makes me conscious of my sluggish limbs and invites insecurity to reign over my sense of self. The violent gusts of winds accurately reflect my emotions as 
they shift and change without my permission or understanding.

There are so many things about the season of winter that I enjoy and I 
remind myself of these all the time (:
but it's still hard.

And thus it is hard to share.

But this is our life. Our learnings and growings.
God has given this for our good.
So we will enjoy and rejoice in it.

And blog about some of it for love of you (:



  1. I love you.
    I love that you share my love of the poetic.
    I love that you love the music in words.
    And I LOVE this post!!

    (ps, wish I'd read that while drinking a cup of tea)

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  3. Your words are beautiful and honest. Love the way you write. Winter can make us all weary at times. I'm learning to appreciate its bare beauty too.