Sunday, February 10, 2013

As I was looking through pictures from April 
I began noticing some pictures I hadn't really studied before,
and quickly began to notice a theme.

and I love it (:
I think it portrays who I am in such small, beautiful glances.
I so admire April's ability to do that.

and then there's this one...

Ugh. Her skill and ability to capture the essence of "us" is incredible.
And I'm not just speaking from bias (;

So again April,
We cherish these and our precious time spent with you.



  1. I am SO SO proud of my girls!!! Which is actually quite pompous, since you are God's handiwork, not mine.


  2. Ah! I just get excited about good photography. Your sister is so talented. And so are you, by the way ;)
    And that picture of you and Josh? Lovely in so many ways.